I was frequently asked  if I can hide TV Cables in the wall, my answer is "No", and usually I advise him not to do so. In fact, if you still really want to do it and pay for it after you read this article, My answer is "Yes, we can".  The following  picture is sent to me by one of my customer. Yes, it looks amazing, but it is just a virtual illustration, that is all! You should know the story behind it. You should have the common knowledge of the dry wall, and know what inside the wall behind the plasterboard.  

Firstly, it is almost impossible for you to make the TV cables in and out of the wall just at the sites you wish because of the level wood stud running through the whole wall. Of course, the cables can break through the level wood stud if you are willing to pay more than $200, maybe $500, depends on what is inside the wall and the structure of the wall. You have to pay more money if the wall is filled with the heat insulation cotton, sometimes it is an impossible job to make the power plug of of your TV pass through the heat insulation cottons or cross beam inside the wall.  Unless your house is a new building, and the electricians have built the channel or the way to hide the TV cables before installing the GIB board of the wall.

The second disadvantage is flexibility, especially, when you are using a swivel full motion TV wall mount. Sometimes you may hope the cables to be shorter, sometimes  you may hope the it to be longer, Sometimes you may want to add a new cable, Sometimes you may want to remove the TV and all the cable from the wall, who knows.  

In fact, you can think about hiding or covering the TV cables with the following solutions. It is much more flexible, cheaper and easier.

Written by FRANK GAO — June 07, 2020