TV Antenna and installation

TV antenna and installation, professional installation. Auckland area. Just PM me to get more information.

***Product Features:
-Outdoor Antenna for receiving DVB-T/T2 (Freeview) digital television
-Full HD Ready (UHF)
-Made for New Zealand
-Amplified waterproof dipole box with F connector
-GSM filter to improve digital performance and anti-ghosting
-3G/4G/5G Interference Free
-Includes Coaxial cable and connectors

*Compatibility: DVB-T/TW Freeview
*Frequency response: 470-694Mhz
*Passive antenna gain: 9 - 14dB
*Amplifier gain: 13.5 - 18dB
*Beam Width H/V (in degrees): H45 / V50
*Front-Back ratio: 15 - 25dB
*Impedance: 75Ohms
*Antenna length: 950mm