Does it fit my TV?

What is the VESA Standard?

The Flat Display Mounting Interface (FDMI), also known as VESA Mounting Interface Standard (MIS) or colloquially as VESA mount, is a family of standards defined by the Video Electronics Standards Association for mounting flat panel monitors, televisions, and other displays to stands or wall mounts. It is implemented on most modern flat-panel monitors and televisions.
The VESA Interface Standard defines the distance in millimeters between the four mounting holes on the back of a TV (distance horizontally x distance vertically). VESA is a standard used for TV wall mounts and wall mounting systems, adapted by most TV brands. Common VESA sizes are 200 x 200, 400 x 400, and 600 x 400 depending on the screen size of your TV.

Does this TV stand or TV wall mount fit my TV?

Usually, most TVs are compliant with VESA standards, and all our TV stands and TV wall mounts are compliant with VESA standards, so they can fit most TVsthat is why they are called universal TV stands and TV wall mounts. 

Is my TV compliant with VESA standards?

You can refer to the specifications in the product manual but perhaps the fastest and easiest way to find out the VESA size of your TV is just by measuring it. Locate the four holes in the back of your television, you just need to measure these from left to right and top to bottom.

Does this TV stand or TV wall mount come with the screws that fit all the TVs?

All our universal TV stands and TV wall mounts come with screws that connect the TV and TV Stands, the screws fit most TV on the market. But because there are too many TV brands and models, and the VESA stand does not define the length of the screws, some TV models may need special screws that are too long, these do not come with the TV stand. No universal TV Stand can guarantee it comes with all the screws that fit all the TVs. This is normal and easy to resolve, you can go to the professional screws sellers, like bunning ware to get it. You must understand that this is not the fault of the universal TV stand or TV wall mount, even if you buy TV stands from others, you may still face the same problem, so we do not accept returns for this reason, if you do not accept it, please do not order it.