56'' - 65'' TV Wall Mount Installing Services

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“ There is a reason for being expensive, and there are reasons for being cheap. ”
My motto is “If you can not do great things, do small things in a great way.”

EST 2012, we have over 8 years of local service experience in TV mounting solutions and we take pride in offering high-quality service to all our customers. Many customers are our repeat customers or were introduced by our old customers.

The usual procedure for my TV wall mount installation:
*** Step 1, Learning the requirements of my customer, and finding out if he/she has any special requirements.
*** Step 2, Checking the area of the wall that would be used to install the TV. With professional instruments and experience, try to find out objects under the GIB Plasterboard, and discriminate the wood studs from wires water pipelines, etc. Locate the points where the wires and pipeline pass through the wood studs. Then find out the center of the wood studs and nogs, and avoid the wires and pipeline. This step is very critical to ensure secure installation and safety, and this is also the most difficult part of the whole job. The different installers have different instruments and experiences and take different time and effort in this part. These also produce different prices and quotations, different results.
*** Step 3, Based on the requirements of the customer, the results of the wall examination, and your television, I will give you a solution that fits you most. I have more than fifteen different types of TV Wall mounts, which is why I can provide you with the best solution.
*** Step 4, Install the specific TV wall mount in the selected area, then install the TV on it, this is the last step and is also the easiest part of the whole work.

All installations and our new TV wall brackets are covered under a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

Each wall is different, and the requirements of each customer are diversified also. We can give you the perfect solutions which work best and save money for you.

Do you want to know the differences between the TV installer and the TV Wall mount Solutions Provider??? Visit our website, you will get the answers. We have rich experiences, furthermore, we have many different types of and the most distinctive TV wall brackets, we will choose the most suitable TV Wall bracket and make the best installation solutions based on your TV, the conditions of the wall, and your requirements.

You can use your own TV Wall Bracket, but I do not suggest it as you may pay more money to get it and find it is not suitable for you at last. Each building is unique, each wall is different, and the requirements of each person are diversified also. I can give you the perfect solutions which work best and save money for you.

LCD LED flat-screen TV wall mount installation within the Auckland area, price starts from $100 for 32 to 55 inch TV, $120 for 56 to 65 inch TV, and $150 for 66 to 85 inch TV.

We are also the most professional seller of TV Stands, specializing in the biggest range of TV Stands, TV Wall Brackets, and TV cabinets for over 8 years with competitive prices & good quality. We do not just sell you products, we offer you TV mounting solutions that fit you most. We will do our best to offer high-quality services to all our customers.

If you have any questions or worries, please feel free to let us know before we get started.

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