Frequently Asked Questions

Every day, I am tired of answering various similar questions that either have no practical meaning or cannot be explained clearly in one sentence. So I’ve summarized these frequently asked questions and their answers here so that you can learn more before making a decision. Of course, if you are someone who is unwilling to take the time to learn more information, or you are someone who never trusts anyone, I really can't help you, please skip it and choose the person you think is right to provide you with services. Thank you!

Question 1: Also after this 55" TV is installed on the wall if I want to change the 55" to 85" TV in the future, then do I have to change the bracket?
Question 2: So for the lounge, we might get a 75 or 85" TV in the future, for now, we have a 55" TV, do you have a mount that can be used for both 55 and 85" TVs?

Answer: Yes, I have. And I can understand your beautiful wish, you want to resolve all the problems with a one-off payment, save your time and money, but unfortunately, it is not a good idea.  I have a TV wall bracket that can fit both 55 and 85" TVs, but you must understand that this installation is just for your 55” TV and just for this TV model, this is the key point. If you change your TV in the future, even if the new TV is still 55”, the height and position of the new TV may be different from the last TV if it is a different model. This is the reason I must see and measure your TV before I install it. If you still can not understand it, please search online and get more information about TV VESA standards. In conclusion, I have TV wall brackets that can fit different sizes of TV, but one installation just fits one model of the TV, no one can guarantee the position of the wall bracket installed based on your present TV will fit your next new TV.

Question 3: Can you hide TV cables inside the wall and how much?

Answer: This is one of the most frequently asked questions this is a simple question,  however, it does not have a simple answer. If you just insist on getting a simple answer, my answer is "Yes", but in the real world, it is not always each simple question has a simple answer. My official reply is "Yes, I can, but it depends...",  it depends on your circumstances, your requirements, your expectations, and your budget-----how much you want to pay for it. For more information, please visit the following link: " ".

Question 4: " Why the other 's price is cheaper? "

Answer: There is a reason for being expensive, and there are reasons for being cheap. In fact, there is no real lowest price in the world, and the so-called lowest price does not mean it is the best choice. If you refuse to accept this idea, please do not waste your time reading the following content.
Ask the lowest price three questions,
Q1, "Can they give you an invoice with GST? "  If he can not provide the invoice, they are not a registered company, I believe they DO NOT have commercial insurance also, how does he keep his promise, how can you trust his warranty, and how can you believe the quality of his services?

and Q2, "Do they have relevant commercial insurance?"

If they are not a registered company, I believe they DO NOT have commercial insurance also,  they do NOT have the ability to protect the interests of their customer and are NOT able to provide credible quality assurance and warranty to their customers.

and Q3, "How long does he run his business?"

I do not want to teach anyone how to be a Savvy consumer, but if you are ONLY looking for the lowest price, JUST care about the price, and do not pay attention to cost performance, PASS, please! You can only care about the price and not the quality, but I do. If the TV falls off the wall, it may not only damage the TV, but also hurt people, and I will not take such a risk, we take our warranty seriously, so I only choose products of good quality. Our price is Cost-effective, Competitive, Affordable, and Reasonable, but maybe not the lowest, and we never pursue the "lowest" price either. We are a NZ registered company. We have the relevant commercial insurance and the ability to protect the interests of our customers. We are able to provide credible quality assurance and warranty to our customers. This is really a big difference when some things happen.

Most installers even do not inspect what is inside the wall before installing the TV wall bracket on the wall with big, long screws. Not to mention if they can install the TV properly, they even have no idea that they may damage the wires or pipeline inside the wall. If you still can not understand what I am talking about after reading this, you should know more about what is inside the wall first, and if you think I am scaring you, do not waste your time, PASS, please.


Some customers asked me to re-install the TV wall bracket done by others, I know what the terrible installations are. For example, a 75" TV, around 40kg, was not fixed to the wall bracket, it just hung up on it like a mirror. Some installers even did not find the center of the timber. 
Our price comes from the quality of the TV wall bracket, the quality of the services, and the time that it takes for the installation.
Someone spends more than $1000 on buying a TV but is reluctant to spend $20 more to get a more reliable TV wall bracket and premium service. All these above are just common sense of smart consumers, I just restate it.


 Figure 2:  Example of unproperly installation

Question 5: "Can I buy a TV wall bracket by myself? ", "Hi, is this bracket tilt? "

Answer: Based on your description, I think what you want is a motion cantilever swivel TV wall bracket, not just a tilt one. If the wall plate width of the TV wall mount is not long enough (usually greater than 600mm), it may not be Suitable for mounting to your wall. Moreover, the quality of the cantilever TV wall bracket used to carry large-screen TVs must be good, otherwise, the cantilever TV wall bracket of insufficient quality will be unsafe due to the principle of leverage. Our warranty will not cover any damages due to quality issues with your own TV wall bracket. So if you don’t have basic knowledge in this area, it is not recommended that you buy a TV wall mount yourself.

Question 6: "Are you the professional guy to install the TV on the wall? "

Answer: I need to learn how to answer this question, you will find each guy will tell you he is professional, but this answer makes no sense to you, so you still have to judge by yourself, not ask me. Please take your time to visit our website to learn more about us, then you can get a conclusion by yourself. The following link may be helpful for you, " ".

Question 7: " Can I get your phone number? " or " Can I call you? "

Answer: My phone number is 021 888 815, I prefer you message me, not call me. Each day, I am very busy, I may be driving or engaged in work, so it is not safe, or I do not have time to answer your calling. The most crucial point is that I can not remember all the details of every customer and may be confused by different customers if you just call me. If you send texts to me, I can get and recall all the necessary details easily by the text records history. Usually, the necessary details are" How many inches is your TV and What area are you located in? ", and then I can give you a rough quotation and the time frame. So please tell me this necessary information before you ask any questions, I would appreciate it. Thirdly, using messages, I can text you the link to our website about our products and services, and then you can get more useful information,  so we can discuss this job more efficiently and effectively.

Question 8: " Your Facebook ad says $89. "

Answer:" How many inches is your TV?", "Where are you located?", "Do you have a TV wall bracket?", "What type of TV wall bracket do you need?", "If you need to conceal TV cables on the wall?".  Only after I get this basic information, I will give you a rough quotation, if it is not the same as the price shown in my ad on Facebook, a few people may ask this question.  For this question, my answer is:" Because you only see what you want to see. " you can find the following words in my ad "Flat-screen TV wall mount installation within the Auckland area, Price starts from $89. " And no matter how many inches is your TV,  no matter what type of TV wall bracket you need, no matter what area you live, all the prices are same, is it possible?