How to choose the right guys and wall mount to fit your TV on the wall properly?

*** We: 10 years registered company +5 years warranty invoice with GST + professional installer and provider of TV wall mounts

*** The other installer: company?  warranty?  invoice?  GST? 

My motto is “If you can not do great things, do small things in a great way.”

******** About Price ******** 
"Safety&Perfect Solutions&Professional"
If you are looking for the lowest price and JUST care about the price, PASS, please! Our price is Cost-effective, Competitive, Affordable, and Reasonable, but maybe not the lowest. We do not pursue the "lowest" price.
Question: " why his price is so cheap?".
Answer: “ There is a reason for being expensive, and there are reasons for being cheap. ”
The price comes from the quality of the TV wall bracket and the quality of the services. Someone spends more than $1000 on buying a TV but is reluctant to spend $20 more to get a more reliable TV wall bracket and premium service.

For most people, including me, the price is the first reason to choose a product or service, but the precondition is that it is the same product or service. I was ever completely shocked by some guy's job, they even did not install the TV  on the wall, they just hung up 75 inches TV on the wall bracket without fixing it, the same as hanging up a mirror, not to mention inspecting the wall carefully to ensure safety before installation, so they can spend less time and charge less.

**** Who is more professional? ****
*** You just need to ask him three questions:
1) "How do you confirm the wood studs inside the wall? "
2) "How are you sure there is nothing going through to the point that you will fix the TV wall bracket with big screws?"
3) "How many types of TV wall brackets do you have?"

Our service is not the cheapest and also not the most expensive one, but the highest cost-effective one. Select the right people to do the right thing.“There is a reason for being expensive, and there are reasons for being cheap.” Do you really want to jeopardize your TV worth thousands of dollars for saving only $20? We do not want to participate in the meaningless price war, we persist in that we just get what we deserve.

*** What determines the quality of service?

"Attitude, knowledge, experience, instruments and parts". The quality of the little screws and flat washer may determine if your high-value TV is installed properly, not only the quality TV Wall bracket.

How to judge if the guy is the right person to install your TV? Easy, you can just ask him two basic questions:

1 How many different types of TV wall mounts do you have?

2 How can you confirm(not guess) the wood stud inside the wall, and how to avoid the wires or pipeline inside the wall?

EST 2012, we have over 9 years of local service experience in TV mounting solutions and we take pride in offering high-quality service to all our customers. Many customers are our repeat customers or introduced by our old customers.

Visit our website,
" ", you will know what is truly professional, not just with the rich experiences and professional instruments, we can recommend you the TV Wall bracket which will best suit your requirements, your wall, and your TV after the examination! We do not just install your TV on the wall, we provide you with the solutions best for you.

The usual procedure for my TV Wall-mount installation:
*** Step 1, Learning the requirements of my customer, finding out if he/she has any special requirements.
*** Step 2, Checking the area of the wall that will be used to install the TV. With the professional instruments and experiences, try to figure out what is inside the wall, identify objects under the GIB Plasterboard, and discriminate the wood studs from wires or water pipelines, etc. Locating the points where the wires and pipeline pass through the wood studs and trying to avoid them. Then find out the center of the right wood studs and nogs, and avoid any wires and pipelines. This step is very critical to ensure secure installation and safety, and this is also the most difficult part of the whole job. The different installers have different instruments and experiences and take different time and effort in this part. These also make different prices and quotations, different results, cheaper price means they may take less time to examine the wall or just have steps 1 and step 4.
*** Step 3, Based on the requirements of the customer, the results of the wall examination, and your television's specification, I will give you a solution that fits you most. I have more than fifteen different types of TV Wall mounts, that is why I can provide you with the best solution.
*** Step 4, Install the specific TV wall mount in the selected area, then install the TV on it, this is the last step and is also the easiest part of the whole work.
At last, you should ask yourself one question again, Do You really want to endanger your TV that is worth thousands of dollars for only saving $20?