How to hide the TV Cables?

 This is one of the most frequently asked questions, actually, this is a simple question,  however, it does not have a simple answer. If you just insist on getting a simple answer, my answer is "Yes", but in the real world, it is not always each simple question has a simple answer. Usually, common people have no idea about "hiding cables behind the wall", what they will get isn't what they want.  They may find other people's TV cables have been hidden perfectly, but they do not know, mostly, this work was done when the house was built, and they have no idea of the difference.

If you do not have the patience to read this article, pass, please. Please do not tell me I am rude,  I do not want to be involved in disputes in the future. Because if you do not have the necessary common sense about this question,  we can not communicate effectively and efficiently. For your question,  my official reply is "Yes, I can, but it depends...", It depends on your circumstances, your requirements, your expectations, and your budget-----how much you want to pay for itFor example, if you do not have an aerial cable in the area where you want to install your TV, but you insist on hiding aerial cables inside the wall, how can I do it for you? If your TV power cord can not be unplugged from the TV, it will be more difficult to hide it inside the wall. Before replying "How much?", you need to answer a few questions,

1) "How many cables do you want to hide inside the wall?";
2) "What type of TV cables do you want to hide inside the wall, HDMI, optical audio cable, aerial signal cable, network cable, or TV power cord......?";
3) "Are these cables long enough(at least 3 metres) and are they ready now?";
4) "If your TV power cord can be unplugged from the TV?";
5) "Is your wall dry-wall?";
6) "Is there insulation cotton inside the wall?";
7) "Is there wallpaper on the surface of the wall?"

Before I can get this necessary information in advance, I can not give you a quote. But you must be clear about that in advance, a $50 call-out fee will be charged if you cancel the whole installation service after checking on-site.

The last picture was sent to me by one of my customers who downloaded it from the internet. Yes, it looks amazing, so easy, and so nice, but it is just a virtual illustration, that is all! You should know more story behind it. Firstly, You should have common knowledge of the drywall, and know what is inside the wall behind the plasterboard, it is not empty inside the wall where the space is blocked by the wood frame behind the plasterboard. The following photo is the wall before installing the plasterboard, it is easy to drill a hole and make the TV cables pass through the cross wood beam(Nogs) and stud, but after installing the plasterboard, insulation cotton, and painting, it will be not an easy job again. 


Firstly, it is almost impossible for you to make the TV cables in and out of the wall just at the sites you wish because of the cross wood beam(Nogs) running through the wall. Of course, cables like HDMI or internet cables can break through the crosswood beam (Nogs) if you are willing to pay more than $100 for it. How much you have to pay for it depends on what is inside the wall, the structure of the wall, and what types of TV cables you want to hide inside the wall, etc. You have to pay more money if the wall is filled with heat insulation cotton. If the power cord of your TV can not be disconnected from the TV,  it would be an impossible task to make the power plug of your TV pass through the heat insulation cotton or cross beam inside the wall.  Unless your house is a new building, and the electricians have built the cavity or the channel for hiding the TV cables before installing the plasterboard when the house was built, as in the following photos.


The second disadvantage of hiding TV cables inside the wall is flexibility. If the TV cables are inside the wall, it will be a quite hard job to make any change, for example, adding an extra cable. Sometimes you may hope the cables to be longer, Sometimes you may want to add a new cable, Sometimes you may want to remove the TV and all the cable from the wall, remember that, it is not an easy job again. And after you remove your TV, two big holes will be left in the wall.  A true story, one of my customers had to cut the TV cables inside the wall when he removed his SAMSUNG Frame TV from the wall and relocated it from Australia to Auckland.

In fact, you can think about concealing or covering the TV cables on the wall as in the following photos. It is much more flexible, cheaper, and easier. Usually, it takes just $15 ~$20.

If you still hope us to hide TV cables inside the wall after reading this article and want to pay for it, we can do it for you, but you must understand that we have to drill big holes in the wall to make the TV cables pass through the cross wood beams( Nogs ) inside the wall. We will try to repair the holes in the wall later, but it is impossible to be exactly the same as before.

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